Where to Watch the Sochi Winter Olympics

The Winter television season has been pretty hot thus far (unfortunately, the weather has not), but for sports fans out there, the end of football doesn’t necessarily mean you need to hibernate for the next few months. Instead, February 2014 is a great time to pick up some new sporting habits; namely, why not watch the Sochi Winter Olympics, taking place this year in Russia?

Hockey fans are obviously already on-board for the events, but I have some personal favorites from past Winter Olympics myself. Bobsled & the luge are nuts, and I love to see snowboarding and skiing events as well. Not to mention, there’s not a ton to watch during this time of year, since football is over, baseball has yet to begun, and ‘American Horror Story’ is done until the late fall.

The NBC Networks will have full coverage of the events. If you want to catch certain sports on TV or DVR, there’s a full broadcast schedule, customized to your zip code, that can be found here. The NBCOlympics.com website & mobile app will also feature live streaming of all of the events.

The 2014 Sochi Olympics kick off on February 6th; the opening ceremony is on the 7th, and the Men’s Hockey Finals, the last Sochi event, will begin at 7am on February 23rd.

Have any favorites you’re looking forward to? Let me know below!

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