2016 Chicago White Sox Schedule

While Las Vegas and USA Today seem to agree that a certain team from the Northside will walk away with the World Series this year, one thing is perennially certain in baseball: 162 games makes for a long season.

That said, 11 years removed from the unforgettable 2005 World Series, White Sox fans have had little to be excited about as of late: the club finished below .500 in 2015 for the third year in a row, doing little to improve the lack of help for All-Star Chris Sale on both the offensive side and in the bullpen throughout the entire campaign.

But, as Southsiders—and Chicagoans—we’re born optimists (whether we like it or not). As a new season gets underway, we will hold out hope that our boys can pull it together and make this season interesting. If, for nothing else, to keep our brethren on the North side of town in check.

The complete White Sox schedule 2016 is below. For a printable version, visit the official White Sox page here.