Amazon Put Its Alexa Assistant in a Browser

Given that everyone & their mamas are creating virtual assistants these days—Apple has Siri, the original Siri inventor now has Viv, Alphabet just unveiled Google assistant—it makes sense that a company as big as Amazon, with an assistant as popular as their Alexa, would want as many people to get a taste of the technology as possible.

Image via Amazon

Enter the Amazon Alexa browser simulation, which is now live at Originally created by developer Sam Machin at a hackathon in 2015, Echosim gives those without an Amazon Echo the opportunity to play around with Alexa’s skillset for free, with just an login required.

As noted on the dev post, the Amazon Alexa browser is more for developers than anyone else: particularly those in international markets, where the Echo and other Amazon products containing Alexa are still not available.

It is worth noting that I was unable to get the website to work correctly on iPhone on both Chrome and Safari due to a lack of support for the “getUserMedia” function (necessary to access microphone input). It does appear that Android devices are supported.