Amazon Dash: April Fools’, or THE GREATEST THING EVER?!

April Fools’ pranks by big companies are almost commonplace, now that a cleverly-designed website and the power of social media can “fool” (or just entertain) millions without incurring much cost (though, I still contend that Taco Bell had the greatest corporate April Fools’ of all time — before the Internet was really a thing). It typically makes for some great PR, as blogs like this one cover the best of the best.

That’s why, you’d have to excuse everyone who thought (thinks?) that this Amazon Dash thing is a joke.

And I’m thinking that was intentional.

Image via Amazon

Amazon Dash was trending on Twitter all yesterday afternoon, with folks genuinely thinking the product was just an early April Fools’. As the company spent the day debunking these rumors, social PR for Dash continued to grow. The timing is brilliant, honestly. And, I’d argue — so is the concept.

Brands already on-board with Amazon Dash (assuming this is all real) include Tide, Cottonelle, and Bounty; “bulk” items more likely to be ordered through Amazon in larger cities, where people don’t all have access to their own vehicles (like myself, for instance).

From a consumer perspective, sure, there will be those that object to having branded buttons hanging around the house (though, they seem small enough to be pretty well concealed, IMO) — otherwise, there’s not much of a downside. Items can be ordered when & where a consumer’s current inventory is top-of-mind; and, there’s a fail-safe built-in just in case your kids (or cats?) find Dash a fun button to push. Items can only be ordered one at a time, and a new order won’t process until the previous one has been delivered.

If this does turn out to be a real product, I want, like, a dozen of them. Dog food, Coke Zero, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent — all of the larger items, that aren’t easily carried walking home from the grocery store, will have Amazon Dash buttons in my house. I’m dead serious; I think this is awesome.

We should know by end of day if Amazon Dash is truly coming to select homes (currently, the “program” is by invite, and only available for Prime subscribers), or if this was all just an elaborate ruse by Amazon to drum up interest in Prime and/or screw with our heads. My hope is obviously for the former; though, in all honesty, the latter wouldn’t surprise me.