Amazon Fire TV Looks Pretty Damn Cool

I don’t know about the rest of you, but Amazon Fire TV looks like a product I can get behind. Immediately. 

More than just a portal for Amazon’s own streaming television/movie platform, Amazon Fire TV will be a one-stop host for competitive offerings from Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube– right from the start. In the coming months, expect HBO GO and Showtime’s On-Demand product, in addition to ESPN, Crackle, and more to join up with the platform.

Amazon Fire TV comes with a $100 price tag (similar to Apple TV), which isn’t bad for what capabilities for the product are in the works. I’ve heard reports that it will come standard with a free month of Amazon Prime, so you’ll have a chance to see what the company’s own video offering has before committing long-term.

The slim 0.7″ box won’t take up much room on your entertainment system, which is a plus. It delivers full 1080p video & comes complete with 2GB of memory, much more than offered by competitors Chromecast, Roku, and Apple TV. Amazon Fire TV also offers voice-driven search, direct from the Bluetooth-enabled remote control.

Oh, and did I mention– gaming?

That’s right, for an additional $40, Amazon is selling a gaming controller, in the same style as the Xbox or PS4 standards, which can be used to play what soon promises to be a wide-range of game options, starting at below $2 each.

Re-reading this post, I have to put this out there– I am not just being a shill for Amazon. Although I do have a web-enabled TV and a perfectly-functioning PS3, Amazon Fire TV would be something I’d actually consider investing in. A dual video/gaming system that has the potential to connect all of my favorite web-apps with voice search functionality? $100 doesn’t seem like much to drop on something like that.

What are your thoughts on Amazon Fire TV? Does it sound like a good investment, or just another streaming service to get lost in the crowd with the rest?

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