After a Long Delay, Apple’s AirPods are Ready to Ship

Just a few days after potentially finding out why the company’s wireless earbuds experienced a long delay, Apple AirPods are ready to ship.

Unless you happen to have ordered early in the day, though, don’t expect them in time for the holidays.

Apple’s AirPods were finally made available early on Tuesday the 13th; initially following their release, the expected ship date for the wireless headset was December 21st, per Digital Trends. However, as of 6pm CST, the estimated ship date for the AirPods on Apple’s website is four weeks—taking buyers well into January before their new toys will arrive.

Selling for $159, the Apple AirPods are reasonably-priced for wireless earphones; though, the potential to misplace one (or both) of the 4 gram devices, and their 5-hour max listening time, should be taken into account as consumers weigh their options. Apple has said they will eventually allow people to purchase a single AirPod and/or charging cases independently of each other; but those options are not available on the website at this time.

The company has remained mum on the cause of the AirPods delay, which were introduced alongside updated Macs in October. It is suspected that Apple had issues with the method by which each individual AirPod communicates with the source device through Bluetooth—which differs from how other wireless earbuds connect with each other. Interestingly, one notable inclusion of the newly-released iOS 10.2, out this week, were stability updates to Bluetooth connectivity; and, an icon highlighting when headsets where connected to iOS devices via Bluetooth.

Apple AirPods are available on the company’s website here.