9/9 Apple Event Roundup

Miss out on the major Apple product announcements today? Yeah, I know — you’ve probably heard. But, for consistency’s sake, let’s take a moment, together, and review all the Apple Event 9/9/15 details like we’re hearing it for the first time, yeah?

iPhone 6S

Secrecy around new Apple products clearly isn’t a top priority for Tim Cook, as most of the rumors we’ve been hearing about the new iPhone 6S genuinely came to fruition on the new flagship phones. Force Touch, introduced with the release of the Apple Watch, will enable the iPhone 6S to sense pressure and respond to unique commands based on force. Renamed 3D Touch for the iPhone, the new sensors will — also like the Apple Watch — utilize taptic feedback to send subtle messages back to users.

The new iPhone will come with a turbocharged 12MP, 4k video capable camera; a major upgrade, and maybe the most significant feature on the 6S model. Apple also introduced an upgrade program of their own, which will allow users to pay per month for new iPhones when they become available, and get a new one each year. The program is available with any carrier, and comes standard with Apple Care; all starting at just $32/month.

The phones will come in the same screen sizes as the 6 and 6 Plus, with 16mb models being the smallest offered.  Pre-orders begin September 12th, and will be available on the 25th.


Apple TV

Another product heavily leaked before today was the newest Apple TV model. While the Apple TV hasn’t been revamped since 2012, the 2015 model comes stacked : it’s own App Store and OS, a multitouch remote, and Siri integration.

The inclusion of Siri is particularly noteworthy, as it enables users to search not only by television show names, but incorporates contextual search as well. For example, if you wanted to find the episode of Seinfeld featuring Mariska Hargatay, Apple TV could (conceivably) pull that up for you.

Apple also showed off some casual gaming via Apple TV, thanks to the Wii-like multitouch remote. The box will start at $149 for the 32GB model, and will be available in October.

iPad Pro

Remember that rumored 13″ iPad model I said I wasn’t interested in last year? Well, it’s official: called the iPad Pro, the newest version of Apple’s tablet does in fact come equipped with a 2,732 x 2,048 display on a 12.9″ screen, optional Surface-esque keyboard and a “precision stylus” dubbed the Apple Pencil. The iPad Pro will go on sale in November, and we’ll have more deets on this mega-tablet at that time.

Apple Watch & Watch OS2

Not to be left out, Apple’s newest product category got some love at the 9/9 event as well. The Apple Watch Sport model will be getting a few new friends; rose gold and gold colored models, in particular. In addition, the company announced its first relationship with a third-party Watch band manufacturer — Hermes — which will be sold in Apple’s own retail outlets.

Most notable (for me) of today’s announcement was the official “coming-out party” for Watch OS2. Dropping September 16th, the latest version of the Watch’s OS will enable developers access to the product’s sensors, and also give them the ability to run apps on the Apple Watch — and WiFi — absent of a user’s iPhone entirely.

iOS 9

Finally, the 9/9/15 Apple Event marked the release-date announcement of the iPhone and iPad’s latest software upgrade, iOS 9.

iOS 9 looks like it was made for the increased screen real estate on the newest iPad and iPhone models. iPads will get the most from improved multitasking and “Split View” features in the latest operating system.

As with the new iPad and Watch OS2, more details on iOS 9 are forthcoming. The latest version of the mobile OS will be available for free on September 16th.

(all images via Apple)

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