Next Week’s Apple iPad Event: What to Expect

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According to Re/Code (who happens to usually be right about these sorts of things), next Thursday (10/16), there will be an Apple iPad event at the company’s HQ in Cupertino.

What will the company put on display?

Don’t expect U2, but for iPad and Mac users, there will likely be some exciting updates to both product lines. Retina-display iMacs are anticipated to be announced, as is the release info on Apple’s new desktop OS, Yosemite, as previewed during the company’s WWDC back in June. 9-to-5 Mac pondered a possible 5k iMac display in the post referenced above, so it’s possible (though, not expected) we may get a preview of this as well.

And, as per ush before the holiday season, Apple will reportedly unveil updates to the iPad & iPad mini lines, including, possibly, a gold version of the former and Touch ID for both. While there hasn’t been much speculation on possible directions Apple may take with their tablet lines (certainly not nearly the buzz we saw before the iPhone 6 launch), one potential new member of the iPad family is the 12.9″ version the company has been rumored to be mulling.

While Re/Code‘s track record in this area is solid, keep in mind that none of this has been confirmed as of yet; and, potential product announcements are purely speculation. Chicago’D will update this post if the confirmed date shifts, and/or following the event will provide details.