Watch the Apple iPhone 6 Event Live!

Though atypical for the company, the Apple iPhone 6 event, which takes place this Tuesday at noon local time, will be livestreamed via their website. As per ush with any Apple broadcast, the livestream requires iOS6 or later to view on iPhones & iPads, a second or third gen Apple TV, or a Safari web browser to view.

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Mashable has published a comprehensive round-up of rumored announcements at Tuesday’s live event, one I won’t replicate in full, but some of the big news we’re expecting from Apple includes:

  • Multiple versions of the iPhone 6, including a “phablet”-sized 5.5″ model
  • NFC (near-field communications) & the addition of an “Apple Payments” platform to rival Google Wallet/Venmo
  • The iWatch (which, likely, will be announced but not available for purchase immediately)

As Apple has already revealed iOS 8, and given I wouldn’t expect the new iPhone to ship with anything less, we should also have a definitive date of the new OS‘ release on Tuesday as well.

While Chicago’D will not be liveblogging the event, we will update the site with full iPhone 6/iWatch/iOS 8 info Tuesday evening.

Apple’s iPhone 6 Event Livestream

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