Apple to Hold Press Event on March 21st

Looking to get your hands on a smaller version of the iPhone? The Apple March 2016 press event, confirmed by the company today, will be your next opportunity.

The new 4-inch model, dubbed the iPhone SE, is expected to replace Apple’s “disappointing” 5c hardware at the end of the month, for price & size-conscious consumers. 9to5Mac reported previously that the new iPhone SE will come with an NFC chip for Apple Pay, 8MP rear and 1.2 MP front cameras, A8 & M8 chips, and Live Photos, just like the iPhone 6S.

One bit of information still unavailable regarding the iPhone SE is price. If 9to5Mac is correct in their assumption, the new 4-inch model could run $450—or around $18.75/month on a two-year plan.

Also expected to be announced at the Apple March 2016 press event is a smaller version of last year’s iPad Pro, featuring much of the same specs but with a more compact 9.7-inch display. The Apple Watch may also be a topic of conversation—though, fans of the company’s wearable shouldn’t expect a gen 2 just yet, as we’ll most likely just see new company-issued bands.

As with most Apple hardware events, don’t expect much questions being asked by the press themselves—especially given Apple’s current legal battles with the US government over phone encryption.

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