Apple Music for Android Exits Beta (For Frank Ocean)

After nearly 10 months of tinkering, Apple Music for Android has finally exited public beta.

Until recently, Apple’s streaming music service was lacking the popular family plan sharing option for Android owners. Video streaming was also added just a few months back. With the 1.0 release, available in Google Play now, Android Apple Music subscribers are now caught-up to their brethren on iOS.

The app does also offer a few perks not available on iOS. For instance, Android users are able to save music to SD cards for offline listening, and Apple Music for Android comes with a homescreen widget option for easy playback controls.

Apple’s timing is impeccable (or, more likely, calculated). It has been widely reported that Frank Ocean’s long-awaited sophomore album, Boys Don’t Cry, will be released exclusively on the subscription service this Friday. Uproxx announced on Wednesday that Britney Spears’ next LP, Glory, will also be an Apple Music exclusive, and is due out later this month.

Exclusives in the streaming music space were previously more of rival Tidal’s thing—which, if the rumors are true, may join Beats as an Apple product in the near future as well.