Apple Music is Planning Its Own Original Video Content

Discussing a story reported by The Wall Street Journal earlier this month, Jimmy Iovine basically confirmed this past weekend that original Apple Music video content is in the company’s near-term plans.

Iovine told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour that Apple Music’s video content would consist of more than just music videos—or even content in the “musical genre”, such as the recently-released ‘808’ documentary or the upcoming Vital Signs by the company’s own Dr. Dre. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Apple is setting its sights on a broad array of original television programming and movies, similar to what Netflix & Hulu have cultivated over the years.

Apple Music trails behind competitor Spotify in terms of paid subscribers—though the company is catching up, reporting double of the number of paid users despite Spotify’s head-start by a couple of years. Apple, of course, doesn’t offer a free version of its streaming service—outside of the initial 30-day trial—and promoting itself through its own endemic hardware & software doesn’t hurt them, either.

Spotify launched a video product in late 2015, which distributed content from publishers like ESPN, Comedy Central, and VICE; and, last year, expanded to include original music-focused programming. Unlike Apple, however, Spotify doesn’t have a media-based hardware solution already devoted to video content (Apple TV), which would give the company another advantage should Apple Music video want to become a full-scale “streaming entertainment” distribution center.

Aside from the ‘808’ music documentary, Apple Music has dipped its toe in video streaming in recent months, with a Taylor Swift concert last year, interviews with The Rolling Stones & MMA star Nick Diaz, and several clips from the American Music Festival featured on the platform now.