Apple Pay Reportedly Coming to Mobile eCommerce

According to a report published on Re/code this week, Apple Pay for mobile eCommerce may just be a reality before this year’s busy holiday shopping season.

Apple Pay mobile eCommerce, functioning through the Safari browser on iOS devices, would utilize the same TouchID technology that powers in-app purchases on iPhones and iPads today.

Image via Apple

The move to include mobile web commerce would help boost market share for Apple’s payments product, which has run into competition from retailers such as Walmart and Samsung’s service, which has less of a barrier to entry for merchant than Apple’s due to Samsung’s acquisition of Looppay, which enables NFC transactions over old-school magnetic credit card readers.

Introducing Apple Pay to the eCom space could be a boon for retailers come the holidays. Just on last Cyber Monday alone, iOS device owners made nearly 72% of the $800 million in mobile purchases—a figure that is hardly expected to shrink as mobile traffic continues to grow.

An Apple Pay mobile eCommerce offering would pit the company in direct competition with PayPal, whose One Touch product offers consumers & merchants similar functionality today. Interestingly, PayPal—who recently split from eBay—is the parent company of Braintee, one of the many payment processors that provides support for merchants to accept Apple Pay through their apps.

Re/code surmises that the Apple Pay mobile eCommerce announcement could be made at this year’s annual developer conference, WWDC, in June; though, at this time, none of this can be confirmed.