Apple Has Itself to Blame for Watch Pre-orders Going on eBay

Though I went back-and-forth on whether I would succumb to whatever mental imbalance it is that causes so many of us humans to obsess over owning new, shiny things before anyone else (especially when rumors of production problems and that awfully insanely-high base price were revealed), I am the proud new owner of an Apple Watch.

Well, actually, an Apple Watch pre-order.

Like an untold number of you, I set an alarm last Thursday night/Friday morning for 1:50am to order the Apple Watch before the company, predictably, sold-out of initial production quantity.  (My choice, ICYWW, was the one pictured below: 42″, classic buckle)

Image via Apple

It didn’t take long, either — shortly after completing my purchase (and, now, wide-awake), I checked out the estimated ship dates of a few of the Sport models. Sure enough, by then, most ship dates had slipped from April 24th to “4-6 weeks”; minutes later, consumers couldn’t get one until May; and, if you check on basically any Apple Watch model right now, June or July estimated ship dates are being provided.

Mind you; the June ship date started being quoted on the Apple Store within 30 minutes of pre-orders going live.

30. GD. Minutes.

Just as predictably as Apple “under-estimating” just how many folks would wake up at 2:01 CST to order their wearable, by Friday afternoon, Apple Watch pre-orders began showing up on eBay.

Shocked, amiright?

This is America, where Capitalism is the central religion — so, you’d think that nobody would be surprised/outraged/incensed by this behavior….

And you’d be wrong.

As I sat down this weekend to try & get some information on just how many Apple Watches were pre-ordered (good luck with that…), I came across several articles detailing how pre-orders were being “sold” on the popular eCommerce website. The comments I saw on said articles — many expressing outrage that consumers were buying up Apple Watches at pre-sale just to flip them for profit — had me, admittedly, a bit perplexed:

Why blame consumers for trying to profit off Apple’s marketing tactic?

Let’s face it, folks — we all know damn well that Apple damn well knew this product would be in high demand (this is hardly their first rodeo). Being a publicly traded company, sales revenues are certainly important; but almost as important, is good PR. By limiting production, news outlets worldwide are now reporting that the wait for a new Apple Watch is “a few months”; nevermind the fact that nobody (outside of Apple, of course) has any real clue on how many units have actually been sold*.

It’s good business, guys; and I know this fact isn’t news to anyone. But, to say that what resellers are now doing on eBay is, really, any different than what Apple just did itself, is delusional.

Sure, some folks on eBay are taking things to an unreasonable extreme — I’ve seen the same model that I purchased (for $699) on the site for $1500 — but, my hope is that nobody actually takes these people up on their inflated offers.

After all, those of us who pre-ordered the Apple Watch last week did either wake up in the middle of the night or stay up late just to order the damn thing. While I definitely won’t be selling mine, I don’t really see anything wrong with someone testing the open market waters with their pre-order, especially if demand is there.

What do you think about people flipping their Apple Watch pre-orders on eBay? Share your thoughts below!

*Update: Business Insider is reporting that close to 1 million Apple Watches have already been pre-ordered as of 4/13.