The Apple Watch: Ready to Ship in April

Fresh off the company’s biggest quarter ever — make that, any company’s biggest quarter ever — Apple’s first dip into the wearables pool with its Apple Watch is next on the product timeline.

While an exact Apple Watch ship date is likely still a few weeks/months off, Tim Cook did reveal today that consumers can expect early orders of the iOS-powered wearable to start being delivered in April.

Image via NY Mag

Apple hopes the new product line, its first since the iPad was unveiled by Steve Jobs five years ago, will not only help boost monumentally-high sales of its iPhone, but ward off the criticism over stagnant tablet sales.

Since the wearable will require an owner to have another iOS device to have access to all of the functionality, there is a built-in target market limitation. Though, more iPhones in the marketplace than ever before makes the potential for the Apple Watch much greater — and the introduction of Apple Pay, plus rumors of a larger 13″ version of the iPad, could serve to even further the company’s reach (outside of the smartphone market).

Starting at $349, the Apple Watch will face obstacles — namely, battery life, which has been rumored to be comparable to other smartwatches on the market (read: charge it nightly).

I will post additional details on the Apple Watch ship date and other pertinent info as it becomes available.

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