Bluedio R+ Legend Headphones: Yeah, They’re Honestly Not Bad

A little over a month ago, fed up with the endless daily madness that untangling my Apple Earbuds had become, I began shopping around for a decent pair of wireless, over-the-ear headphones to de-clutter my morning routine a bit (and, keep my ears warm in the cold Chicago winter).

After weeks of reading reviews, internal debate, and even adding (and removing) the Beats Studio 2.0s from my Apple Store cart, I came to the conclusion that spending nearly $350 for a pair of headphones was absolutely absurd, and decided to go with a name I hadn’t read much on — Bluedio — because the price was right ($99 on Amazon), and the reviews were, mostly, positive.

It’s fair to say that I “settled” for the reasonably-priced Bluedio R+ Legend headphones — it’s equally fair to say, I’m glad I did.

As a disclaimer: I’m no audiophile. I grew up on cassette tapes and burned CDs, Napster downloads and songs recorded off the radio — so, fantastic sound quality isn’t something I’m used to. In addition, Bluetooth will never be premium sound’s best friend, no matter how pricey the technology surrounding your earholes.

Bluedio R+ Legend controls

That said, I have listened to my fair share of music; and I’m not saying I have the “Golden Corral” of audio palettes, either. If these headphones were tinny, or completely overdid it with the bass, I’d know. And they would have been returned, pronto.

Thing is — that’s not the case with these Bluedio R+ Legends.

For $100 headphones, the sound through Bluetooth 4.0 is actually pretty goddamn fantastic. Battery life is impressive as well (I’ve charged them once in four weeks — mind you, I use them maybe an hour per day). While they looked a little heavy & bulky upon first unpackaging them, the Bluedio R+ Legends are lightweight on my head, and the pads don’t cause any excessive ear sweats (at least so far).

Playback controls on the right side of the headphones are fairly standard — play, skip, rewind, volume up & down. The center button on the Bluedio R+ serves several purposes; it stops and starts your Now Playing track, powers the headphones on & off, and can answer an incoming phone call or launch Siri on your iOS device.

Yes, you can answer calls on the Bluedio R+; the mic is located just underneath the headphones, and the sound quality on the other end (from what I’ve been told) is about the same as you’d expect from other Bluetooth devices.

The Bluedio R+ charge via USB in a matter of hours (just plug ’em into your computer or in-outlet charger), and there is an included carrying case and mic cable if you should choose to be wired in.

Of course, the downside to owning the Bluedio R+ Legend headphones is not having a Beats logo on the outside to show off to other commuters on the El. If you can get passed that ego-deflating setback, I think you’ll find these headphones to be perfectly acceptable alternatives to doing routine earbud untangles, too.

Own a pair of the Bluedio R+ wireless headphones? Has your experience been the same? Let me know!

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  • Yih Dzelonh

    “Goddamn fantastic?” Is this the setting for profanity?

  • Greg R

    I’ve had my R+ Legends for about a week now. I’m a little worried about their fragility so I bought a third-party hardcase to keep them in. I’m a hobbyist, accidental audiophile because I live in a music industry town and have too many friends that are recording engineers. These things sound incredible. Absolutely fantastic, especially if you’re playing lossless formats via microSD. They’re really comfortable too, lighter than they look and don’t make my ears sweat after having them on for 3-4 hours at my desk. The only drawbacks so far are that it can be a little bumpy switching from bluetooth on my phone to my desktop, and the 5 eq presets are a bit limited. I’d like to see a firmware update where you can adjust the eq presets via software app. If you can live with these things and some pretty gnarly leakage, they’re probably the best you can find for the money.

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