Complete Apple Watch Details: Where, When, and How Much

‘Spring Forward’, the appropo nickname for Apple’s live event today (given its proximity to Daylight Savings Time and the former unveiling of a new product line) was a spectacle like; well, like all Apple live events, really. Apple CEO Tim Cook hit the stage at noon sharp, bragging about the 700 million iPhones the company has sold, pulling the curtain back on the HBO cord-cutting plan, and (surprisingly) unveiling a new MacBook.

But more on all of that later. We were here for the Apple Watch. And, the Watch (in all its various forms) is what we received.

Image via NY Mag

As expected following the initial announcement last September, three versions of the Apple Watch will hit the market on April 24th — the Sport, Edition, and unnamed “standard” model.

Have $10k laying around? The ultra high-end “Edition” version of the Apple Watch will start at this price — of course, unlike the other two, the Apple Watch Edition will come with an 18-karat gold casing.

For the other 99%, the aluminum-encased Sport will start at $349 for the 38mm size and $399 for 42mm. The “standard” Apple Watch, with stainless-steel casing, will range from $549-$1049 at 38mm, and $599-$1099. “Standard” Apple Watch pricing depends on the band chosen.

As speculated, the Apple Watch will need to be charged daily — Cook announced that the wearable will sport an 18-hour battery life under “normal use” (whatever that means). It will, however, have the ability to track the wearer’s heartbeat; something that was rumored to be pulled from the product due to inconsistencies.

Apple Pay functionality is incorporated into the new Watch, and specially-designed apps should be available in the coming weeks. Apple showed off a Watch version of Shazm, a Starwood Hotels app that can unlock your door, and the ability to check-in to an American Airlines flight during the live presentation — more Apple Watch apps are featured on the company’s website. An Apple Watch app for iPhone will be necessary to control the functions of the new wearable; the app can be downloaded once users upgrade to iOS 8.2 (available now).

The Apple Watch will not be available worldwide upon its initial release; Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK & the US will get the first shot at the new wearable.

Pre-orders for the Apple Watch begin April 10th.

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