Connecting Chromecast to AT&T Uverse

Following my initial rush-to-judgement on Google’s Chromecast device, I must admit, the little $35 dongle (because I love the word “dongle”) has become an oft-used entertainment device in my house– this has significantly increased since Showtime began supporting Chromecast last month, allowing me to binge on Homeland and other network series.  

Something I didn’t give too much thought to after the fact was how difficult it was for me to set up Chromecast via my AT&T Uverse WiFi connection. Being that I’m no slouch when it comes to technology, it probably should have dawned on me that if I had a hard time setting this up, so, likely, did others.

This revelation was made only after viewing Google Analytics this week, and seeing a not-insignificant amount of traffic coming via searches on “using Chromecast with Uverse”-related queries.

In the spirit of the season, here’s a quick how-to for connecting Chromecast to AT&T Uverse for the first time:

  1. Use your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.
  2. Download the Chromecast App
  3. Launch the app, follow on-screen instructions
  4. Exit app, go to WiFi settings, & connect to the Chromecast device
  5. Cast away!

Really, that’s all there is to it. If you’re having problems setting up Chromecast via your computer, and you have Uverse, using your tablet or smartphone instead will work. 

Why the issue? I’ll spare the technical mumbo-jumbo– basically, Uverse’s combined router/wireless router feature, though certainly a space-saver on my entertainment center, is not ideal for Chromecast setup. The lack of a Chromecast app for desktops and laptops (and the fact they don’t have a data connection to rely on, outside of WiFi itself) causes issues during the initial registration process.

Once you’ve set up Google Chromecast on one device, any smartphone/tablet/computer with the Chromecast app or browser plug-in will be able to Cast to your TV. If you’re still having trouble after trying setup on a tablet or smartphone, let me know in the comments or check Google’s Chromecast help page. 

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  • Uverse Help?

    Mine still isn’t working. It appears that Chromecast needs UPnP and that most uverse residential modems don’t have/allow(?) UPnP. Any ideas?

    • If you’re still having trouble, try navigating to your router settings ( and go to Settings > LAN > Wireless. Scroll down to MAC filtering and click that link.

      Once you plug-in the Chromecast, it should give you its MAC address (it will look like XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX). Enter that in manually on that page, and add it to the ‘Allowed Devices’ list.

      LMK if that doesn’t work for you.

      • parnelltk

        I urge you not to add your Chromecast through MAC filtering if you have no other wireless devices setup on MAC filtering already. I added Chromecast based on what I thought was the suggestion here. I wound up with Chromecast as the ONLY device that could communicate on the network — all other devices were off because I had not included them also in the MAC filtering list. This solution may work, but then I think all of your devices need to be added with MAC filtering.
        Bottom line, I am still having a problem getting Chromecast to show up on WiFi from my iPad.
        Any other suggestions?
        (Sorry for the 2nd post, but I wanted this comment to go along with the MAC Filtering reply)