The Facebook Events App: Your New Go-To Calendar?

For all those that say social media keeps us tied to our phones—and away from real-world interaction—the Facebook Events app may just change that perception.

Every day, more than 100 million users access Facebook Events to find & schedule everything from neighborhood fests to get-togethers with friends. With the new standalone Events app, Facebook is taking one of their oldest features (and one that, perhaps, makes them the most unique from other social networking sites), and introducing it into a platform most of us use every day—our mobile calendar.

Image via Facebook

The Facebook Events app enables users to not only keep track of upcoming parties and concerts in their calendar, but gives them the opportunity to search for new events to attend based on interests and location. It will also show users events that friends have expressed interest in, as well as planned events from Pages they have already liked on Facebook.

The added bonus of Facebook Events comes in the form of full integration with other calendars synced to a user’s phone, such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, or iCal. Having one’s personal & work calendars in one place make them more likely to search for events during times they are free; however, there’s the chance that some will be turned off with the thought of sharing this data with Facebook (and/or, corporate IT policies that disallow it entirely).

For Facebook, encouraging more users than the current 10% or so that engage with Events now means more people utilizing one of the social network’s more unique offerings—obviously, something any company would want to take advantage of. The Facebook Events app could mean more reach for promotors as well, potentially leading to more ad revenue from News Feed ads, or the ability to target Events app users only down the road. If nothing else, as Facebook Events product manager Aditya Koolwal told TechCrunch, the goal of this standalone app is to figure out which features work and “take the best parts and put them back in Facebook”.

The Facebook Events app is currently only available for iOS users in the US, but will be available on Android soon.