The FCC Previews Nutrition Label-Esque Notices for Broadband

On Monday, the FCC previewed new labels for consumers to compare broadband Internet services—ones that should look mighty familiar, as they are based on the nutrition labels Americans see on their food products every day.

The newly-proposed FCC broadband labels, shown below, were created to “help consumers make informed broadband purchasing decisions” and stem from the agency’s Net Neutrality legislation.

In a statement accompanying the introduction of these new labels, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said that “customers deserve to know the price they will actually pay for a service and to be fully aware of other components such as data limits and performance factors” before signing up.

While the new FCC broadband labels are suggestions, ISPs will have the option to choose their own look. The labels are subject to the approval of the Office of Management and Budget before they see the light of day.