There Will Be a Flamethrower Going On Indiegogo Next Week

I put this article on the site under “Tech” — but, quite frankly, I’m not sure how the hell to classify this.

A small group of friends out of Detroit is hopeful that you’ll support their Indiegogo project when it launches this coming Monday.

The project? The world’s first commercially-available handheld flamethrower.

You read that right: a flamethrower on Indiegogo. But this isn’t your dad’s flamethrower, kids — no, this one has the capabilities of shooting a 25-foot stream of fire at any crabgrass, overgrown forestry, or zombies that may be nearby; all while not requiring the flamethrowee to sport a heavy, cumbersome pack of gasoline.

Images via Productions Team

The company that produced this absolute gem is called The Ion Productions Team. While their website mentions work on an upcoming PC game, and development of Android-based Hoppy Bunny, the company seems to branching out a smidge with the production of the XM42 flamethrower.

For $700 (or $800 for the powdercoated and polished models), Indiegogo supporters can have their hands on all this awesomeness before their wider release. There is no clear indication just yet on the planned production & shipping schedule assuming funding goes well (and, let’s be serious here — there’s zero chance this won’t go well. IT’S A FLAMETHROWER, PEOPLE!).

According to the XM42 website, the only US state where flamethrowers are illegal to own is California; for the rest of us, there’s nothing specifically outlawing flamethrower ownership — no background check or special permit required.

How long that remains true is anyone’s guess. But if there isn’t a little tiny part of all of you kind-of secretly wanting one of this right now, I’d call you a liar.