Madden 15 CFM Freezing Glitch: A Fix!

Who says comment sections can’t produce valuable information?

If you’re here, then you’re likely personally, painfully aware of the various issues that have plagued the latest edition of Madden football.

Specifically, there is a Madden 15 CFM freezing glitch that prevents users from exiting out of a completed game. Essentially, once you finish the game, and exit, people (like myself) have gotten stuck on a “Loading” screen; which, unfortunately, freezes for an undetermined amount of time.

While EA Sports has yet to provide a fix for this, a commenter on my initial article on these glitches detailed a temporary fix; one that I now can confirm does work.

Keep in mind: this has only been tested on the PS3 version of the game. I am fairly certain it will work on both the disc and digital download editions; though, I can only personally attest to the digital version.

And here it is…

Before you begin the game, scroll up to “Game Data Utility”, and delete the “Madden 15” file (it’s abut 800kb large). Make sure you aren’t deleting Franchise files (these are in a different folder, but a word of warning is only appropriate). That’s it. Now you can start your game as you normally would.

Note, I’ve only tried playing one game at a time before exiting out and repeating the file delete process, so I cannot say whether this will function the same if you play multiple games in a row.

Big thanks to CSM29 for the find!

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  • Steyfoz

    Hey, theres an even more SIMPLE way of fixing without having to exit after every game to delete data utility:

    Simply press the PS button in the middle of your controller as soon as you’ve pressed exit game…keep the dashboard screen on until you hear the music kick in: hey presto, works EVERYTIME

    • Zach

      For some reason as I was reading this comment, I felt like it was going to turn into a sarcastic way of saying get rid of the game.

  • PR1MO

    Hey guys I was d original poster in the EA complaint forum (as I call it). U only have to delete d game data utility file once if u r planing to play more than 1 game or even just a game. I play 15 min qtrs nd have played up to 4 games in my offline CCM without it freezing. So the only time u need to delete d GDU file is only when u turn ur PS3 on nd before going on to play Madden 15. So u DO NOT have to do it after every game only once before starting d game up. Hope it helps.

    • Thanks for clarifying! I’ve been doing it before every game just in case; but if that’s not necessary it certainly saves some time.

  • Krivast

    Every time I play a game and right after I score a Touchdown, it seems to freeze my controller or something, the playclock keeps running and Im pressing the button to get the play going but in the game it seems like am not pressing anything and i get delay of games like crazy and this goes on and offline.

  • CARL

    So, this is certainly a bit late for most, but I think I’ve solved this obnoxious bug. The trick is to never ever ever use the select button, or “quicksave” to save your CFM. This corrupts any save file. You can use the select button outside of CFM to save profiles, playbooks, rosters, etc, but you cannot EVER use the select button inside of CFM. ALWAYS save your CFM by navigating to the last pane from the home screen: League –> Settings –> Save. Then overwrite or make a new file.

    Here’s my step-by-step:

    1. Delete any and all CFM files that you used select “quick save” for. Sorry, but they are corrupted and will freeze. If you don’t mind starting over, then delete them all.

    2. Sign out of Playstation Network. You don’t need to disable internet to your ps3. just sign out. NEVER ever sign back in while playing CFM. You can be online and get game updates as well as new rosters, but you cannot be signed in while playing CFM.

    3. Delete Game Data Utility File.

    4. Run Madden. Game Data File will reinstall.

    5. Take the latest update. Mine was 1.03, I think…

    6. Start your new CFM.

    7. Never use select to save.

    8. Never update Madden again.

    That’s it. I have played a dozen of games straight with no freezes. Very happy to have the game again. I hope this helps. The fact that EA never resolved this just shows you just how behind 2k sports and the show they are. Exclusivity is a bad thing; competition is good.