Madden 15 (PS3) Glitches Are Killing This Game

I didn’t plan on posting this weekend. I planned, on this Labor Day holiday, to play endless seasons of Madden 15 & clear my DVR of all the Summer TV that has built up therein.

I have come upon a major glitch in that plan. A glitch that can only be blamed on EA Sports. And one I hope they resolve post haste.

Before I get to these Madden 15 (PS3) glitches that have torpedoed much of my couch potato ambition for this three-day weekend, know this: I’m definitely not someone you’d call a gamer. I play two games, both for relatively short periods of time– every year, since basically the second or third edition, I have purchased the Madden football game; and every time a new GTA comes out, I buy that, as well. Both get played for a few months, ad nauseum, then, as quickly as they came, my gaming ambition is gone. 

That is why, on the eve of the first week of the new NFL season, these bugs in Madden are driving me batshit crazy.

Here are the two major Madden 15 glitches I’ve experienced thus far; one, corroborated by several dozen people on EA Sports’ forums; the other, so far, looks like it may be unique to me.

(Disclosure: I have the PS3 digital download version of Madden 15; though, people on both Xbox and Playstation systems w/ and w/out disc have experienced glitches as well)

Freezing After Finishing a Game

This is the most frustrating– mainly, because it negates basically playing Madden 15 in the first place. After completing a game in Connected Franchise, and navigating to “Quit Game”, it brings me to a loading screen.

Which freezes.

Every. Single. Time.

Since there’s no way to save in-game, playing a game in CFM is pointless until this is fixed.

Major issue? Uh, yeah….I’d say so. And not one unique to me. This is just one thread at the Madden 15 forum at EA Sports full of people having the same problem; and the board is lousy with similar complaints.

Update: A Commenter on this post provided this temporary fix which does, in fact, work for PS3 (it has not been tested on any other platform to my knowledge)

The “Un-Injured” Injured

This glitch, for which I haven’t yet heard any corroborating reports of, is more humorous than anything– it does effect Franchise gameplay somewhat, but certainly isn’t as disastrous as the freezing issue.

One of my players, a third-string MLB, was injured in the preseason– Achilles tear. However, when I go to the Injury Report, it tells me he has “0 Weeks” remaining on the injured list.

Yep, you read that right: zero weeks.

Even as I’ve advanced through preseason & past the first two games of the year (by simulating them, since, well, see above), Christian Jones still has, umm, zero weeks left until he’s healed. Which, I guess wouldn’t be such a big deal, if I could, say play or cut him. But, I can do neither, nor can I add him to the Injured Reserve (since, duh, he’ll be healthy in zero weeks), so he basically just takes up a roster spot for no particular reason whatsoever.

I’m not certain what exactly is going on with EA on this version of Madden (I’ve never really experienced these kinds of issues in the past, with Franchise mode or any other portion of the game), but they better get their acts together, quickly– this is not only a black-eye on the company, but could set them up to lose loyal Madden consumers, such as myself.

If you’re experiencing this or any other major issue with the latest release of Madden, please let me know below! I will update this if/when the issue(s) are resolved.

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  • W

    Game freezes and quits in the middle of the game

  • Bill

    I have been having major issues with my Madden 15 on PS3. I bought the disc itself from Wal-Mart. While I haven’t had any major freezing issues yet – I have found a particular bug that makes Madden unplayable and seems unique to me – so far at least. I don’t ever play any other mode but Madden Connected Franchise and it seems like this bug is only effecting this mode (for me, at least) After getting through the pre-season the first day I bought the game I saved my game and shut off the system. The next day after work (Wednesday) I went to continue on with my franchise and played the first regular season game (Bills versus Bears) and then saved it again. On the next day – I went to play it my Madden loaded up my connected franchise but only the file I saved on (Tuesday) – as if I never played the first regular season game. I’ve tried deleting all of the files and yet that one first save is the only thing that loads up. My playstation is saving these files but even on the load file screen – the game doesn’t allow me to load up any other saved data but the very first file. Has anyone else read of a bug like this?

    • Hey Bill,

      While I haven’t heard of this specifically, I would suggest checking the forums at to see if anyone else has had that issue (or, create a post about it yourself). Unfortunately, stores are not allowed to return opened games, so hopefully the EA team gets this figured out for you!

    • Lou From ENY

      I’m having the exact same issue, I’m searching for more info on it but you are the only other person I’ve heard had the same issue.

  • PR1MO

    Same here on my ps3 disc madden15. It will freeze after a game when it’s trying ti load back to the offline CCM. It’s driving me F-ING insane. Haven’t played the game till now since Thursday because it kept doing this $hit!

  • jeff

    I have the freezing issue as well, I’m worried EA isn’t going to fix it because they’re focused on next-gen games

  • Jburzynski

    I also have the Christian Jones issue, I’m on year 2 of Connected Franchise and he’s still hogging up a roster spot

    • Ugh, really?? How did you get through the first season with the freezing issue?

      • Jburzynski

        Didn’t have the freezing issue as bad as other people but I’m on the xbone. If it did freeze, it was in game and I just rebooted and it auto saved to right where I was and I just played from there. I wonder if the Christian jones issue can be fixed my just not resigning him once his contract is up. I know it’s 3 or 4 years he’s gotta sit though.

        • That is a good call…but, I don’t know how I’m going to get through 3 or 4 seasons if I can’t even save after one game…

          Honestly, I haven’t played in a week. It’s quite disappointing people are having so many problems w/ this game.

          • Jburzynski

            If you look at the original rosters it doesn’t have jones listed as injured, so I thought I’ll release him and start a CFM and then pick him up and again and that will solve my problem, but nope, once he’s in the free agent pool in CFM he’s got the injured logo by his name so I wasn’t gonna risk signing him and having the same issue all over again.

      • Bizzy1

        Sean wetherspoon also has Achilles tear sorry guys dont kno if im late but i signed him in free agency after 1st season didnt realize what that little injury mark meant at the time but his status was also 0 weeks left for his injury but he didnt comeback for 3yrs, i jus dont think the game specifies anything over a year it will jus say 0wks left kinda stupid but they eventually come back and u cant cut or trade them in cfm until they do. Hope that helps, only thing i can think of is to turn off pre existing injuries b4 u start cfm mabe that will work haven tried it tho jus happened to sign sean weatherspoon and after noticed he wasnt playin then noticed the 0weeks thing

  • steve

    I have a ps4 and also have the Christian Jones problem but have not seen any freezing issues

  • csm29

    I have had the same exact two issues playing the offline mode of the connected franchise, also playing as the Bears. The freezing issue is enough to make me search the EA Sports website for any way to return the game and get my 60 dollars back. Alas, conveniently to EA there is no easy way to do so…

    • Well, if you find a way, let me know! b/c I’m really ready to just give up on it now.

      • csm29

        I saw a post with a solution. It has worked for me so far. When u turn on your ps3, first thing u need to do is delete the Madden 15 data utility. When that is done, start the game normally and reload the game on your system. It takes a few mins but it beats not being able to complete a game. After that is loaded start game normally. (I always refuse to load current rosters when it asks cuz I only play offline anyway). This should allow you to play a connected careers game and save it afterword. Before your next game delete the data utility and start the process again. I haven’t tried to play two consecutive games without deleting utility again, so not sure if that works. So far though, (3 games) I’ve been able to complete a game without it freezing on me. Hope it helps you.

        • Hey, that works! I’m gonna write a follow-up post to let people know (you’ll get credit of course).

        • Larry

          I you delete the data utility, won’t all of your saved game info be gone when you go in to complete your season? Mine is doing it on and off. driving me crazy.

  • OmarS.

    My problem is the man coverage if i pick man coverage one sometimes even two of my CB will leave the WR run to the QB for a sec then run back to try and cover the WR like they forgot what coverage i pick. I would understand if it was a pump fake or Play action pass but its not they just leave the WR then run to the line of scrimmage then run back to the WR I even got it on video. Even does it with my man coverage and pass defense on 100 this is bull i will stop buying madden if they dont fix this(PS3user)

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  • Keith

    When Madden 15 came out, I picked my copy up and I also bought my dad a copy. We started our offline CFM seasons. I was the Browns, and my first preseason game (which I did complete), after I quit the game it did in fact freeze on me. After that, I didn’t have much of an issue with the freezing. I finished my preseason (thank God), and I played four regular season games. I play on All-Madden, and I started my season 0-4. I quit that season because Cleveland’s division is way too tough on All-Madden. I am Houston now (on All-Madden), and I played three preseason games without it freezing on me (thank God). My dad on the other hand, was the Colts for his first team. After the Colts not living up to his expectations, he moved on (due to their horrendous D). He is Tennessee now (on All-Madden). After trading, picking up free agents, and having his roster set for the preseason.. he played his first preseason game. Which in fact, froze on him at halftime. He forget to save it before he played the game. So, he had to redo his whole entire roster. After that mess, he played his second preseason game. That one froze on him! This has become a huge issue for us. It has become very, VERY frustrating to us because we are big Madden players. It blows my mind that they are more concerned about kicking Ray Rice off the game then actually FIXING real issues with the game. I hope a patch is released very soon!

  • Joe Loder

    I’m playing on an XBox One and have a player with that EXACT Achilles Tear bug… It isn’t Christian Jones, however – I don’t recall at this second who it is, but he’s a second string MLB.

  • Glen

    I’m having the same issue with MLB Sean Weatherspoon I signed him as a free agent and he is on my roster and I can’t use him because I signed him with the 0 week injury.

    • Chad

      My understanding is that 0 weeks left for an injury means it is career ending.

      • even if that were the case (which it very well may be), we should be able to cut him or place him on IR. seems like EA is content with just never fixing this.

  • AmercnNightmare

    I’ve got the same problem with Christian Jones. I’m on year 3 of my franchise and he’s still taking up a roster spot. It’s really annoying, I have to cut someone to fill his spot, but he’s still an active player that can’t be used.

  • AmercnNightmare

    It’s also really annoying when they call “Forte in the backfield” and he’s not even playing, that happens with every teams starting back. They call delay of game on players that aren’t playing. The challenge system is horrible, I’ve been screwed plenty by it never giving me the option to challenge. All those are minor, just annoying.

  • Chris

    When I’m playing Offline Connected Franchise, after I’ve played a game and it shows the final stats, I go to Exit Game. Unfortunately, it takes me out of my Connected Franchise all together. When I sign back in, the game I had just played never happened. Happened a few times, and now I can’t get past week 9 unless I simulate the game or something.
    Yours Truly,
    -Lifelong Madden fan who has never been more frustrated

  • gtfoh

    found another glitch in connected franchise mode while playing the career mode with a player there was a tie game in the afc championship match both teams tied after o/t ended game was over somehow how the home team won the game awarded the home team an extra free point outta nowhere cmon are you serious EA Sports?!?!?!?