Geek’D: Madden 25 (Preview)

Admittedly, I have a PS3 for only but a few reasons. Netflix. BluRay. Grand Theft Auto. MLB (to wit, I am still playing last year’s version). And, of course, John Madden football. In one week, it’s time for 25.

I’m not an online player. I don’t really invite people over for 5 minute quarters of trash-talk. No, not me. Me, well, I’m all about the Franchise. I start with the default Chicago Bears, play with them for a season, then get to the real work. No unreasonable trades or unbelievably-talented created players for me. I keep it 100%.

On that subject, Bears fans will be happy to note that, according to a recent article on, our very own Brandon Marshall will be tied at second for best WR (97) right out the box. Didn’t see Cutler’s name in the top 5 QBs (HA!).

Madden football is, well, Madden football– so none of the gameplay features should surprise anyone. It’ll play like Madden football always plays. One of the brightest new features, for a Franchisee like myself, is Owner Mode; which (as the clever name suggests), allows you to take control as the team owner, setting everything from staffing, concession prices, and allowing you the opportunity to get your team outta dodge (or Detroit) if so desired. True, we’ve had these options in the past– but “ownership” was all in our mind’s imagination. With Madden 25, you’ll have the chance to literally (or virtually, at least) become one of the NFL’s 32 owners, make statements on behalf of the team, etc. It’s basically a beefed-up, smarter version of the Franchise mode we’ve become accustomed to. And this geek ain’t complaining about that.

You can pre-order over at EA, but I’m sure that the games will be available in abundance at your local retailers, swap meets, Blockbusters, et al next Tuesday. For the latest (kinda humorous) trailer, check below.