The Nintendo Switch Debuts on March 3rd

Overnight Thursday here in North America, Nintendo officially revealed the details for their next-gen entertainment system, the Switch. The hybrid home console/portable tablet device will retail here in the States for $299.99, and will launch on March 3rd.

When the Nintendo Switch debuts in March, several games will be available immediately, including the highly-anticipated Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Nintendo is also offering a paid online subscription service for the Switch, which will reportedly offer at least one free NES/SNES game download per month (plus additional features, like those provided by PSN and XBox Live). The Verge is reporting that Nintendo Switch’s games won’t be region-locked, so gamers can can play games from anywhere around the world, regardless of where they purchased their console.

The Nintendo Switch was first revealed via a teaser video back in October; though, rumors of the company’s next-gen console persisted for some time. The hybrid Switch device is basically a tablet, which can be connected to gamers’ TVs via a dock & HDMI (both provided) or taken on-the-go with up to six hours of battery life.

Even though the official release date for the Nintendo Switch is over a month away, they can be preordered from Best Buy, Target, or GameStop by visiting the company’s website.