A Preview of the Nintendo Switch: The Company’s Next-Gen Hybrid Console

After months of leaks and speculation on what was codenamed the “NX”, gamers on Thursday got a glimpse into the future with a preview of the Nintendo Switch, due out in March of 2017.

The actual Nintendo Switch preview came in the form of a YouTube video, which can be found at the bottom of this post: true to fashion, the company hasn’t released much information about its next-gen console itself, aside from some sparse details on the product’s dedicated landing page.

Much of what we can gleam about the Nintendo Switch comes from breaking down the YouTube vid. The console, as mentioned, will be a hybrid mobile and in-home device—one that has little in common with Nintendo’s current generation console, the Wii U. The controller appears to resemble those used by Xbox and PlayStation consoles, while it looks as though the Wii U’s tablet-like touchscreen controller has been nixed on the Switch entirely.

There’s also no word on whether backwards compatibility for Wii U games will be offered on the Nintendo Switch; but, as you’ll see in the video, the next-gen console will utilize cartridges, which does seem to indicate Wii U gamers will be re-purchasing Mario Kart 8 in March.

In fact, besides from the release date, the only thing that is known from this Nintendo Switch preview is that the console will be powered by a “custom” NVIDIA Tegra processor. This “high-efficiency scalable processor includes an NVIDIA GPU based on the same architecture as the world’s top-performing GeForce gaming graphics cards”. The company issued a press release on Thursday to coincide with Nintendo’s announcement; however, like Nintendo, NVIDIA’s presser was light on details.

Digital Trends speculates that the inclusion of this Tegra processor will put the raw power of the Nintendo Switch somewhere in the neighborhood of the XboxOne, but behind that of the PS4 (and certainly nowhere near the forthcoming PS4 Pro).

As for pricing on the Nintendo Switch, that, too, is a question mark at this point. We’ll likely get some more answers as the holiday shopping season approaches, since Nintendo will want to stave-off latecomers to the Xbox/PS4 upgrades on the casual gaming side with more info for their console by then.

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