The Oculus Rift is Coming to Select Best Buy Stores May 7th

For those waiting to get their hands on the Facebook-owned Oculus RiftUSA Today is reporting that 48 Best Buy locations nationwide will have product on-hand to demo & purchase.

Though great news for people wanting to to get a first-hand look at the latest & greatest in VR, it’s bound to further upset early-adopters who are still awaiting preorders of their own. Oculus is allowing those who have yet to receive a preordered Rift to purchase one at a Best Buy instead, while retaining their eligibility for priority status when the Touch controllers are released at a later date. 

Microsoft and Amazon will also have a very limited quantity of Oculus Rift headsets for sale on May 6th—though, the latter already has a couple of devices on resale from those who purchased the devices early on.

Anyone interested in giving the Oculus Rift a test drive at their nearest Best Buy can schedule a demo at If you live in Chicago, the closest Best Buy with Oculus Rift to demo is on Butterfield Road in Downers Grove. As of press time, the earliest available date to try one out yourself is Thursday, May 12th—though slots are likely going to continue to fill up fast.

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