Play Pokémon GO This Halloween, Earn Special Bonuses

Given up on Pokémon GO yet? If not, developers at Niantic have some special treats in store for you this Halloween.

Playing Pokémon GO Halloween week, from 10/26 through 11/1, will give Trainers the chance to earn bonus Candy for every Pokémon they catch, hatch, and transfer to the creepy Professor. Newly-introduced Buddy Pokémon will also have the opportunity to earn more Candy—at a rate of 4x faster than normal.

In the spirit of the holiday, Niantic will also be making more ghost-type Pokémon available during the day, and in locations they aren’t typically found.

Walking around on Halloween, phone-in-hand, may not be the most typical way to spend All Hallow’s Eve, which is likely why the company is giving Trainers more than a single day to take advantage of the holiday bonuses.

The game’s update including the Pokémon GO Halloween bonuses is available for both iOS and Android now.

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