Pokémon GO Gets 80 New Pokémon, More Additional Features

In an effort to revive the popularity of 2016’s massive mobile hit, Niantic Labs has just introduced the first major upgrade to Pokémon GO since the game’s release last Summer.

The Pokémon GO Johto update (as we’re referring to it here) brings “more than 80” Pokés originally discovered in the Johto region in Gold and Silver games to the mobile experience. Niantic is also introducing the ability for Pokémon discovered in the Kanto region—aka, the initial release of the game—to upgrade to Johto-based Pokés, via special “Evolution items” that can be found at Pokéstops. Just what those items are hasn’t been disclosed at this point by the developer.

In addition to the Johto region Pokémon, two new berry types have been provided for users & are available at Pokéstops. Nanab Berries slow Pokémon movements as a user tries to catch them (which also got an upgrade this week); Pinap Berries will double the amount of candies a Pokémon drops if they are caught on the following throw.

To top off the Pokémon GO Johto update, Niantic is giving Trainers the ability to upgrade their in-game look—with new options to purchase never-before-available hats, jackets, pants, and other accessories.

Aside from special bonus events for holidays like Halloween & Christmas, Pokémon GO hasn’t seen much in terms of a true “gameplay” update since its release. The closest Niantic has come until now has been fixing some of the massive server outages that impacted Pokémon GO early on, and the release of a companion Apple Watch app back in December.

The updates to Pokémon GO are now live for both iOS and Android versions of the game.