Short-Term Memory Lacking? Get BeeReminded.

Being a self-proclaimed television, sports, and music fanatic, I often struggle with maintaining a mental calendar of important events, such as season premieres & album release dates. There have been several occasions the past few months where I’ve used this blog to help remind myself of when a TV show will premiere, or who is appearing at various local concerts.

Since my memory doesn’t appear to be improving as I age, luckily, technology does. So when I was introduced to the BeeReminded app last week, I must admit, I was intrigued.

Built in Chicago (another bonus), BeeReminded does exactly as the name implies– it reminds you of important events, on television, film, in the world of music, and also happenings in your local area. There are also important dates in the world of tech featured, such as Apple’s WWDC or the release of the next Samsung smartphone.

What I really like about this app, though, is that it doesn’t simply just rely on reminders for events I set; instead, BeeReminded finds things you may not even know about (or, in your old age, have forgotten entirely). This feature allows users to expand their horizons, and potentially find new areas of interest outside of their comfort zone.

Setting reminders in the app is quick & painless. BeeReminded offers the opportunity to group announcements in “hives” (get the whole “bee” thing here?) which can be classified however the user finds most helpful. Instead of email reminders, which if your inbox is anything like mine, can be easily ignored, BeeReminded provides push notification reminders of chosen events. If you find an event your friends may also enjoy, the app gives you the ability to share via Facebook or Twitter, or email the link directly. I’d love to see an iCal integration in a future release, as that would be particularly helpful for me.

In addition to the television/movie/music announcements, the “local” tab was particularly impressive, especially given that Chicago is about to enter Summer festival season. It’s quite the challenge to keep track of what event is when, but with BeeReminded, that guesswork is gone. Currently, the local tab exclusively features Chicago-area events, but the company is open to expanding this offering (and, I bet, as adoption grows, so will the app’s capabilities).

BeeReminded can be found in Apple’s App Store for both iPad and iPhone. If you’re looking for something new to do in Chicago, or are as passionate about music & entertainment as I am, I highly recommend checking this out.