GetGlue Becomes tvtag: Can it Win Fans Back?

Thought of as the Foursquare for television & movies, popular social media app GetGlue will be re-branded sometime this week as tvtag, a move that follows the November acquisition by i.TV. As GetGlue becomes tvtag officially, there’s still some underlying concern in the GG community after the company ceased sending users “stickers” that are earned upon checking in to certain shows.

Outrage spread through the GetGlue social network following that announcement in December, with many users vowing to stop using the service all-together. Some users even took to sites such as, a popular petition website, to voice their displeasure and get others involved in their rally cry.  

While physical stickers were dropped, GetGlue did roll out limited “animated” stickers that users could share to other social media sites and on their GG profile; however, these GIF stickers did little to quiet the angered masses, and so far, haven’t been available on most check-ins that I’ve personally seen.

Upsetting your fan-base is never a good thing for any business– and it is amplified in the case of GetGlue, which is a niche social media app that appeals to a small cross-section of the general public. While the press release announcing that GetGlue becomes tvtag next week (see below) does promise “new surprises” for the re-branded app, it’s still going to have to address the fact that many of its core users have either left or are still voicing their anger, even nearly two months later.

The GetGlue/tvtag announcement, sent to email addresses of its members, is below. As of the time of writing this, the app has not been updated yet.

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  • hello Joe, No it cannot. TVtrash, I mean TVtag has made a major misstep in ignoring the needs of its user. So my team and I have stepped in to pickup the pieces and take out the trash.invite you to come see what my team, and I have been doing to resurrect a classic glue. We’re bringing back to users the features they loved, and restoring what was taken from them in poor choices, bad upgrades, and new ownership.

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