Gmail’s Inbox Didn’t Solve My Email Problem (Because I Don’t Have One)

Email has been part of my daily life for the last decade-plus. Between my eight years in digital marketing, four in college & 2 in grad school, email has been essential for communications.

For more than half of that time, I’ve seen headlines on social media and news sites touting ‘solutions for your email problem’ and ‘ways to get to inbox zero’. And every time I do, I think to myself: “who out there has email problems??“. As far as #FirstWorldProblems are concerned, getting ‘too many emails’ has to be just below ‘one of the two Starbucks on my block ran out of caramel’ as, literally, the least of anyone’s trouble in life.

But, as long as there are middle to upper-class people out there with minor squabbles, there will be someone out there to try & solve them.

And that’s where Google stepped in, with their Gmail Inbox app, released last month. Inbox is a stand-alone email application, intended to make people’s lives simpler (where email is concerned), by “bundling” communications received based on relevance or perceived importance, and enabling users to quickly create reminders & tasks with the swipe of a finger.

Being a geek, and generally a fan of Google products (sans Android), of course I downloaded Gmail Inbox & got my personalized invite right away. During the last 3 weeks, I’ve played around with the app a bit, and tried to like it. I really did. In the end, though, Inbox just isn’t for me.

I did like the quick-reminder feature of Inbox, and the interface itself is fairly well-designed; however, I found the ‘bundling’ process to be less intuitive than just doing a search, and that’s really the selling point of the app in the first place.

Could be I’m just set in my ways– but, I think the bigger problem I have with a “new way to email” is that I don’t really have a problem with the old way. A linear email inbox is just fine with me. Though, admittedly, I think there’s likely a good market for a product like Gmail’s Inbox; a small market, mind you, but potentially a loyal one.

It just won’t be me. After nearly a month, I’m hitting the uninstall key on Gmail Inbox. After all, I have bigger problems that actually need addressing; email just isn’t one of them.

  • Joyce

    How do you uninstall? Inbox has made a complete mess of my Gmail account, with sent messages in all the wrong places, and other mishaps. Is there any way to restore it to its pre-Inbox state? Thanks