Meet the Google Pixel, the “Not iPhone” for the Android Crowd

Google unveiled a slew of new products today at a hardware event in San Francisco—but the star of the show was the company’s new flagship smartphone, the Google Pixel.

The iPhone-ish looking handset, available in 5″ & 5.5″ screen sizes, comes equipped with a powerful 12.3MP rear-facing camera, one that the company called “the best smartphone camera ever made”. A Smartburst mode enables users to capture several photos in rapid succession on the Google Pixel, while 4K video recording is possible at 30 FPS.

All Google Pixel phones will ship with the new Duo and Allo apps, and the forthcoming Google Assistant AI, which was introduced at the company’s developer event earlier this year.

Google is offering free unlimited cloud storage for Pixel owners, offering these smartphone users the opportunity to essentially never worry about running out of storage space again. But, just in case you want your Pixel to be stocked with apps, the phones are available in 32 or 128GB models.

With comparisons to the iPhone, from design to pricing, obvious to everyone from the start, Google inserted their own potshots at the competition during the unveiling on Tuesday. The company noted on stage that the Pixel doesn’t suffer from the “unsightly bump” that other phones experience due to their cameras. The Pixel also does include a headphone jack, for those iPhone users unhappy with Apple’s decision to get rid of this on the 7.

And that brings us to price. The Google Pixel won’t be cheap—for the smaller 5″ model at 32GB of storage, the price begins at $649, or $27 per month if you buy through Verizon, which is the exclusive carrier here in the US. The phones come in black, white, and blue, and are available for pre-order here.

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