Google Spaces is Being Nixed After Less Than One Year

Another fledging service bites the dust over at Alphabet. This time, it’s Google Spaces, the group chat platform that launched less than one year ago.

The relatively unheard-of Google Spaces launched just before the company’s I/O developer conference last year; where, incidentally enough, the company introduced two other communication apps—Allo, a “smart” messaging tool that introduced Google assistant to non-Pixel owners, and Duo, an HD video calling app that was previously only available for Project Fi subscribers.

While both of those apps were touted at I/O 2016, Google Spaces was rolled-out in a low-key fashion. The platform itself was relatively straight-forward: a user could set a topic & invite any user with a Google account to discuss. Google’s USP was Space’s ability to pull in search and YouTube content with ease—in the end, though, the product was essentially Slack, minus most of the features that people find useful.

Google has had a tumultuous history with attempts to launch their own social-based products. The longest-running (and most troubled, integration-wise) of the bunch, Google+, is still active–though, it’s a shell of its former self, having been de-coupled from YouTube and Google’s gaming platform in the last two years.

In a Google+ post, Google product manager John Kilcline stated that Google Spaces will be officially shut down on April 17th.