iOS 10.2 Ushers in New Emojis; Apple’s TV Guide App

After spending a few months in the hands of beta testers, Apple’s latest mobile operating system has arrived. iOS 10.2 is available now as an over-the-air update for supported iPhone & iPad devices.

The most notable addition to iOS 10.2 is Apple’s TV guide app, first premiered back in October. The app acts as a “hub” for most of your video-based content from content providers like HBO, Showtime, and Amazon (but not Netflix, who has their own thing going on with Comcast). For those with Apple TV, the new iOS 10.2 app pairs nicely with the on-screen guide—neither of which offer “recommendations” like Netflix, for instance; at least at the present time. They do sync with each other, though, allowing users to pick up on one device where they left off on another.



In addition to the TV app, iOS 10.2 brings with it newly-refined emojis, designed to “reveal even more detail” per the release notes. Over 100 new emoji, including BACON!, a face-palm, and even Harambe (or a generic gorilla…but, it’s Harambe, let’s be honest), join the existing lineup.

There are three new homescreen wallpapers in iOS 10.2, updates to Live Photos to make them more “stable” and some camera touch-ups, and the Shuffle/Repeat buttons in the Music app have been enlarged to make them easier to use. Apple also noticeably introduced some Bluetooth connectivity enhancements in iOS 10.2—likely for their AirPod wireless earbuds, which have been indefinitely delayed due to production issues.

iOS 10.2 is available for anyone with an iPhone 5 or newer, an iPad third-gen or newer, and iPod sixth-gen & newer devices.

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