My iPad Could NEVER Replace my Laptop (Could Your Surface?)

If you’re like me, television commercials have a way of seeping into your subconscious….especially those for products or product categories you have a deep affinity for. These messages, if heard often enough, advertising can actually make an impression; forcing upon you a little nagging voice in your head that just won’t go away, no matter how hard you try to ignore it.

Case in point: the ads for the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (see below), which, essentially, proclaim to anyone not watching television from their DVR units that the hybrid tablet can, for all intents & purposes, replace your Macbook Air laptop.



As a daily Macbook Air user, I cannot find it in myself to believe such hype.

Now, much of my skepticism is rooted in a product not featured in the newest Surface commercial– my iPad. Yes, it is an older model (v3), but, at 32GB of storage capacity & a BlueTooth-connected keyboard, does actually provide much of the same benefit that the Surface, or any other tablet for that matter, boasts. It’s portable, doesn’t weigh all that much, has a full keyboard, touchscreen, etc etc.

Granted, in the iPad, multitasking is not an option (until iOS 8 is released, which should be in the coming weeks); and, the lack of a USB port is both a drawback and, in my opinion, very short-sighted of Apple. But, let’s just put that aside for the moment. Even with the ability to multitask, and let’s say Apple decided to give us USB ports, my iPad could never replace my laptop.

Even my Windows laptop, which is, admittedly, older, heavier, slower, and generally less reliable than my Macbook, does have advantages over the iPad. Namely, the Chrome browser for desktops is still miles above that of its mobile counterpart. And, being I’m not a big fan of Safari in general, that’s a major game-changer for me. Even AdWords (a Google product) doesn’t work very well on the Chrome browser, and other sites’ (including this very WordPress interface I use to craft blog posts) interfaces are buggy, at best.

That being said, I’ve never tried the Surface Pro (mainly, because I’m more of a Mac guy)– so, saying that it couldn’t replace a laptop is, undoubtedly, based off of non-comparable data. So, I’ll ask those who do own (or have used) one this instead:



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