Apple Goes Smaller: The iPad Pro 2 & iPhone SE

As expected, Apple’s Spring 2016 event was a slight change-of-direction for a company that has been focused on making larger hardware on both its smartphone & tablet lines as of late.

In Cupertino today, Apple premiered the iPad Pro 2—officially referred to as simply an iPad Pro—a 9.7-inch model of the company’s “PC-replacement” tablet that was introduced late last year.

Image via Apple

The new iPad Pro 2 compares to the original in processing power, features and display, but does boast some notable upgrades—such as the iPhone 6S’s Live Photos and 4K video recording, a 12MP rear camera (compared to the 8MP on the 12″ model), and 5MP FaceTime camera. Apple will also be releasing a new Smart Keyboard for the smaller iPad Pro, both of which are to be available at the end of the month. The iPad Pro 2 will be eligible for preorder on Thursday.

Apple also pulled back the curtain on the iPhone SE, the new 4-inch model of their flagship smartphone, which will replace the company’s iPhone 5C from 2013.

The iPhone SE, also available on 3/31 (preorders start Thursday), comes with Touch ID for Apple Pay, and the same A9 chip as the 6S and 6S+ models. Live Photos and an upgraded 12MP rear camera are included as well, along with 4K recording capability.

Image via Apple

Unlike the 6S line, however, the SE does not include 3D Touch, and the front-facing FaceTime camera is the same as in 6 and 6+ models. The iPhone SE is available in 16 or 32GB.

If none of this sounds all that exciting to you (*raises hand*), take note—Apple’s major product releases typically occur in September, so there’s likely something coming for you then.

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