iPhone 6S and 6S+ Coming September 9th

In news that should come as no shock to literally anyone, Apple yesterday began sending out invites for the public unveiling of their new flagship phones, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Those not invited (i.e., most of us) can view the event live on September 9th at noon Central time on Safari, and, for the first time, Microsoft’s new Edge browser.

Unlike previously reported, Apple has supposedly chosen to continue with the tradition of releasing “S” version models a year after the originals arrive, instead of skipping over to the iPhone 7 for this release.

Image via WSJ

Apple has, of course, not confirmed any rumors about what will be included in the 6S and 6S Plus; though, many suspect the new iPhones will come equipped with Force Touch (similar to the Apple Watch), a larger (perhaps 12mp?) rear-facing camera, 4k video capabilities, and, even animated wallpapers, according to the latest tech talk.

Given I’m perfectly content with my 6+, September 9th may mark the introduction of something I’ve been anticipating since WWDC 2015: Apple’s Watch OS2, which will give developers the ability to create apps that not only utilize the Watch’s sensors, but can run completely independently of the iPhone itself.

Apple will supposedly premiere a new version of its Apple TV on September 9th, which hasn’t seen a hardware upgrade since 2012.

In a hat-tip to the event invite’s call-out to Siri, iOS users have called up the voice-activated assistant asking for hints on what new toys September 9th will bring; while the responses have obviously been vague, I wouldn’t know myself, as, for whatever reason, Siri doesn’t understand me saying the word “hints”, and keeps searching for ants.

In any case, I’ll be streaming the September 9th iPhone 6S and 6S Plus event, and we’ll have an update later that day.

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