iPhone 7 Rumor Roundup (And Why I Won’t Be Upgrading, Yet)

While I’d love to see a Samsung Edge-style look on the latest version of Apple’s smartphone, there’s nothing outside of artist concepts to point to the iPhone 7 — coming this Fall — shipping with such a display. However, there are some new & not-so-new iPhone 7 (or 6S??) rumors floating around that will likely have many Apple faithful standing in line come September.

Force Touch

As with the latest version of the MacBook’s trackpad (and the Apple Watch as well), the iPhone 7’s screen will almost certainly feature Force Touch technology. Force Touch enables the phone to distinguish between quick taps and longer presses — and has different functionality for each. Bloomberg reported last month that early versions of the iPhone containing Force Touch tech were to go into production in July.

iOS 9

While iOS 8 hasn’t had much time to flourish, Apple is reportedly prepping the next version of its operating system for the iPhone 7 release. Battery life is rumored to be a major focus of iOS 8 (see below as well), with better power-saving features for those of us who wear down our phones quickly throughout the day. Shortcuts and an overhaul to Apple’s oft-criticized Maps app are also expected to be included in the next version of the mobile software.

Battery Life

Speaking of the thing we all probably hate the most about our iPhones (even though, honestly, my 6+ isn’t bad on that front), Apple will hopefully be addressing the issue of battery life on the iPhone 7 with changes to the power source itself. The new, incredibly thin MacBooks include a new battery technology that can hold up to 35% more juice — and, according to Wired, there’s a possibility this could be featured in the iPhone 7 as well.


As we learned (inadvertently) back at WWDC 2015, Apple’s much maligned Passbook app — and all of the clunkiness that comes along with it — will be renamed Wallet, which will become the home to Apple Pay. Those with multiple credit/debit cards, including those for business and personal use, will be able to store all of these in Wallet, and select which one to use for each purchase.

Even if the iPhone 7 does actually feature all of these upgrades — and even if it did come with an Edge-like display — I’m not quite ready to shell out more money for a new phone at this point. As I mentioned, I’m happy with my 6+; and until AT&T tells me I’m eligible for an upgrade, I am more than fine sticking with “old tech” for a while longer.

What about you: do these iPhone 7 rumors have you pining for an upgrade? Sound off below!

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