Microsoft Skips 9; Announces Windows 10 & The Start Menu Re-Born

Microsoft introduced the world to the next version of their operating system, Windows 10, at a special event held in San Francisco yesterday. Breaking tradition, the company skipped over Windows 9 entirely– though the company hasn’t said why, many on Twitter have speculated that Microsoft is attempting to distance themselves as much as possible from Windows 8, which has been categorically seen as a failure.


One of the large-scale complaints that Windows 8 users have had was the company’s decision to remove the Start Menu from the OS, a popular feature amongst PC enthusiasts. Microsoft has obviously heard the backlash, and has responded: not only will the Start Menu return to Windows 10, but along with it will be the ability to incorporate custom live tiles as well.


Though Microsoft has had trouble with mobile hardware sales, Windows 10 will also serve as the newest version of its smartphone/tablet OS as well. As for touchscreen capabilities on the new Windows, those won’t be going anywhere. According to Mashable, an executive told attendees at yesterday’s unveiling that “users will be able to switch between tablet and ‘mouse and keyboard mode'” within Windows 10.

Though Windows boasts an estimated 1.5 billion users (Microsoft’s number, not mine), they have lost some ground recently within their largest segment (enterprise), as Windows 8 wasn’t generally introduced into many corporate infrastructures.

Could Windows 10 be the refresher that Microsoft needs? While many people (including myself) have happily made the leap to Macs, there are still a huge amount of enterprise clients out there that, right now, are the company’s to lose. I’d be surprised, shocked actually, if Microsoft failed to do better with 10 than it did with Windows 8. What do you think the future holds for the latest version of Windows?

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