Microsoft’s Surface Studio: An Absolutely Magnificent Touchscreen PC

PC sales declineWhat PC sales decline?

While Apple is prepping to debut new MacBooks & iMacs on Thursday, rival Microsoft may have just produced one of the finest looking all-in-one desktops the world has ever seen: the Surface Studio. Like the PC’s mobile counterpart, the Microsoft Surface Studio includes a 10-point multitouch screen designed with creatives in mind. And with a 28″ Pixelsense Display capable of delivering 13.5 million pixels, creatives are going to have a lot to work with on these new machines.

The 12mm-thin display is set on what Microsoft is dubbing a “zero gravity hinge”, enabling it to adjust down to a 20-degree angle for drawing capabilities. The Surface Pen comes included—as it does with Microsoft’s tablets—but, for an extra $100, Surface Studio owners can purchase a Surface Dial for additional gesture controls. As an added bonus, the new Surface Dial works with Surface Pro 3 & 4 models & Surface Book (though, features will be a bit limited).

As with Apple’s iMac line of desktops, these creator-focused Surface Studio PCs won’t be cheap. The base model of Microsoft’s first complete desktop starts at $2,999; this will net owners 1TB of internal storage, 8GB of RAM, and 2GB GPU with an Intel Core i5 processor. For $500 more, Microsoft is subbing out the Core i5 for a Core i7, and doubling the RAM. Per the company’s website, both models will begin shipping on or about December 15th.

There’s also a super-sized version of the Microsoft Surface Studio, with 2TB of storage and 32GB of RAM. This model runs nearly $4,200, and has no firm ship date as of yet.

For gamers, the Surface Studio has the Xbox One’s wireless controller support built-in. The desktop was also built to support the forthcoming “creators update” to Windows 10, which focuses on 3D tools and a Twitch-like integration for gamers. The next Windows 10 update arrives in the Spring.

The Surface Studio is available for pre-order now.