iOS 9 Delivers Middle Fingers & Tacos to the Masses

What a better way to celebrate Back to the Future Day then by Nike releasing limited-edition self-tying shoes (the only thing from BTTF2 nearly as exciting as hoverboards), and finally making nerd-dreams a reality with the introductions of new emojis including the long-anticipated taco & middle finger?

OK, that segue was a massive stretch—but, it doesn’t distract from the excitement of one of our collective favorite food groups and non-verbal gestures being represented in emoji format at long last. 

For Apple fans, upgrading to the new iOS 9.1  will unlock 184 new emoji, a list of which can be found here.  The new emoji were approved by the Unicode Consortium (yes, that’s a real organization) back in June; several of the then-approved emoji, such as the woman-woman and man-man kiss, actually made their appearance in an iOS 8 update. However, this is the first that the mobile OS is providing access to additional characters.

The Unicode Consortium has already published a list of candidates for inclusion in Unicode 9.0, slated for release in 2016. The group says that it includes emoji candidates based on “popular request, gender-matching pairs, and compatibility with emoticons in existing platforms”.

Once you download iOS 9, keep in mind that users on other platforms (including older Apple OS’, desktop, and Android) won’t necessarily see your new emojis on their devices. Instead, some may be left with the all-purpose “🖕”.

iOS 9 includes additional features, such as updates to Live Pictures on the new iPhone 6S models, an option to disable Contacts’ pictures in Messages, Apple News in the UK, and other bug fixes & performance enhancements.