The Rebirth of the Iconic Nokia 3310

Retro is perpetually in style. And while our taste in clothing, video games, and television tends to be cyclical, our desire for continued advancement in mobile devices has kept old school phones from reemerging.

That, however, may change.

One of the most talked-about phones at this year’s Mobile World Conference in Barcelona is the re-launch of the iconic Nokia 3310. The phone retails for approximately £42 ($52), and is available in four colors: red, yellow, black, and grey.

17 years after first production, the Nokia 3310 will get a battery upgrade to offer 22 hours of talk time & standby time of up to a month, according to the product’s website. Nokia is also giving the 3310 a 2MP camera with LED flash; though, there won’t be much room for pictures—the device only has 16 MB of storage (much of which will be used up by the system software) itself. However, a MicroSD card slot is included on the Nokia 3310, offering up to an additional 32GB of space.

Nokia’s updated 3310 model will only support 2G for calling & texting, so AT&T customers are out of luck. T-Mobile still actively supports 2G here in the US, while Verizon plans on shutting down this spectrum on their network in 2021.

True old school heads will be pleased to hear that the relaunched Nokia 3310 will sport an updated version of Snake—the mobile game before mobile gaming became a thing. The binary green-screen has been replaced with some improved visuals and effects, as shown in the screen-grab below.

Image via Nokia

For those not of age during its initial debut, the 3310 model—released in 2000—is considered a classic: an upgrade from Nokia’s 3210, with better SMS messaging, an internal antenna, and, for the first time, Snake. It was affordable, durable, and, while not the lightest phone on the market at the time, considerably more portable than other devices with similar features.

There’s no release date as of yet for the Nokia 3310 to hit the market. To be notified by the company itself when it’s available, you can fill out this form.