Re/code & Verge Under the Same Roof; Gigaom to Return

Tech-based news sites are making their own news today.

First up: the Kara Swisher/Walt Mossberg venture Re/code announced today that it has been acquired by Vox Media. The site — launched just 18 months ago, after Swisher & Mossberg departed AllThingsD (now part of the Wall Street Journal) — will remain an independent entity, and continue to hold its regular Code conferences. 

As Vox Media’s own presser notes, current Vox property The Verge does share some commonality with Re/code; however, while the former is focused on technology from a lifestyle angle, the latter tends to lean more towards the business of tech. There will likely be some co-produced content coming from Re/code & Verge in the future.

Re/code, currently published using WordPress VIP, will eventually migrate to Vox Media’s own content management solution.

In unrelated news, the recently-shuttered Gigaom — the tech site launched by Om Malik in 2006 — is reportedly scheduled to reopen this coming August.

Kind of.

A startup down in Austin — Knowingly Corp., which I’ve been unable to uncover very little on — has, according to several news outlets (including FastCompany), purchased many of the site’s former assets, including the domain name and the publication’s archives.

Curiously, though, there doesn’t appear to be any indication that Malik (or any of the original contributors to Gigaom, for that matter) have been approached about returning to the publication. Malik himself is currently a contributor to FastCompany and a partner at VC True Ventures, according to CrunchBase.

No word, at this time, on what Knowingly Corp intends on doing with Gigaom, exactly; though, the company has said that the site will re-launch on August 15th.

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