Slack Will Soon Test Voice, Video Chats

Slack, the popular enterprise productivity software that The Verge once said was “killing email“, is now looking to do the same with Skype and Google Hangouts.

According to TechCrunch, Slack voice & video chat will begin testing soon within a select group of the platform’s 2.3 million daily users. While Slack video chat has technically existed through a Skype integration developed by Microsoft last month, this first-party integration will obviously be seen as a welcome change for those already sold on Slack’s ease-of-use vs. other enterprise communication tools. 

Slack’s rise in the world of enterprise solutions has been nothing short of meteoric, as noted in this Inc feature on the start-up (which the magazine named Company of the Year in 2015). Slack has relied almost entirely on word-of-mouth up until recently—hooking folks like developers and project managers on a free trial, or friends telling friends at other companies how much they are enjoying using the platform themselves.

And those companies aren’t just mom-and-pops, either. Among its estimated half-a-million paid members, Slack counts teams at Salesforce, eBay, NASA, HBO, and Intuit paying between $8-$15/month for its services.

Slack video chat may add some noise to an otherwise quiet enterprise comms tool, but it might just also be the +1 that encourages corporate buyers to pull the trigger on group licenses, as well. Though voice & video chat hasn’t begun rolling out, it should be a rather smooth process for Slack—the company acquired Screenhero back in 2015 for this very reason.