Snapchat’s Spectacles Will Only Be Sold In “SnapBot” Vending Machines

Not content with putting up a simple online store like the rest of the world, Snapchat will be peddling their new video-capturing glasses alongside Coke & Frito-Lay products: in high-tech vending machines.

Snap, Inc’s “SnapBots” will be the exclusive supplier of the company’s Spectacles, which retail for $129.99. Snapchat Spectacles record up to 10 seconds of video per shoot, which wirelessly sync to a user’s Memories on the app (you can read our full write-up of Spectacles here).

Like Snapchat’s popular geofilters, SnapBot vending machines won’t stay in one location long: they’ll be picked up & moved to a new location every 24 hours or so. Consumers can find out where a SnapBot will be next by checking out the vending machines’ map on the Spectacles website. Snapchat will also be introducing Spectacles geofilters to areas approximately 24 hours before a new SnapBot is scheduled to appear.

Image via Snap

SnapBot vending machines enable shoppers to “virtually” try on a pair before purchase via the same camera technology that powers Snapchat’s lenses.

The company is only expected to make a few thousand pairs of Spectacles available this Fall during the initial production release.

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