Snapchat Spectacles Are Real; Coming This Fall

Can Snapchat succeed where Google, rather monumentally, failed? We shall soon see.

CEO of the newly-minted Snap Inc, Evan Spiegel, unveiled to a small audience last week Snapchat Spectacles, the company’s first foray into the hardware market. Spectacles are essentially sunglasses with a built-in camera, designed to enable users to take videos of up to 10-seconds in length.

Unlike the aforementioned Google Glass, Snapchat Spectacles actually look like a product normal people would wear (see below)—which is more likely to make them appealing to a larger audience. Aesthetics aside, the price-point for Spectacles, $129.99, is around $1350 cheaper than Google’s wearable device.

Image via WSJ

The glasses capture video with a 115-degree field-of-view. As the sample video below shows, this is similar to what you would expect if someone were capturing video via a fisheye lens. Spectacles will sync to Snapchat via Bluetooth or WiFi, and videos will connect directly to users’ Memories via the platform’s new circular format.

When they hit the market, Snapchat’s Spectacles will only be available in limited supply initially. Snap Inc is producing three different colors of the glasses for the first release.

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