Sony’s PlayStation TV: Will You Invest in ANOTHER Box?

Sony’s PlayStation TV, a product released in Japan as PS Vita TV, is the tiny, streaming set-top box that, perhaps, nobody even asked for.

Along with their announcement of a White PS4 model (something I’ll likely invest in this fall), GTA coming to PS4, and a host of other games slated for release on Sony’s next-gen console later this year, the company unveiled their plans to bring PlayStation TV to the better part of North America at yesterday’s E3 presentation. The base price for PlayStation TV begins at $99, but for $139 the bundle will include a DualShock controller, memory card, and a copy of the Lego Movie game.

Question is: what the hell for??

Aren’t there already enough streaming boxes out there now, with Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast and Roku and a host of other products I won’t bother listing?

Granted, I understand that Sony will be giving gamers the opportunity to stream PS3 & older games via PlayStation Now (yet another subscription service, btw); and, I get that PlayStation TV will allow PS4 owners to stream their gameplay into other rooms of the house without lugging their heavier next-gen system around. Both of those points noted, though, it still doesn’t seem worth it to me.

You’ll still have to pay for Hulu Plus, Netflix, HBO GO, etc, to utilize those products on PSTV. You’ll still have to subscribe to PlayStation Now in order to stream older games. And, you’ll still have to own a PS4 (not to mention, multiple TVs) in order to stream games from one room to the next.

Maybe this is just the casual gamer in me talking, but I fail to see the draw.

If Sony would have just incorporated streaming media in the PS4 in the first damn place, those that have already dropped $500 on the product would have no use for PlayStation TV. Already, as I mentioned, there’s several viable options out there for streaming Netflix, Hulu, and other services that take up much less room in my entertainment center (not to mention, us PS3 owners can accomplish this anyway).

So, in reality, the major selling points with PSTV are streaming games from PlayStation Now (a feature that, though not confirmed, may as well come to the PS3 anyway) and the ability to stream PS4 games into another room.

While I’m sure the latter has some practical, real-world applications, I think a $25 dongle would have probably accomplished the same thing, without some of the price tag and cables that come with PlayStation TV.

Nevertheless, Sony must believe there’s a market for this here in North America. I wish them luck; however, this is one PlayStation lifer that won’t be shelling out any money for something that so many other products have had nailed for some time.