Starbucks Voice Ordering Comes to iOS, Amazon Alexa

Continuing to find easy ways for you to order your complicated coffee concoctions, Starbucks voice ordering was introduced on Monday for iOS and Amazon Alexa.

With iOS, Starbucks voice ordering is only available to 1,000 customers here in the US to start. The feature was added as an extension to the company’s app, within the existing order & pay interface. Customers can speak (or text) their order via the new My Starbucks barista AI, which was initially previewed back in December at the company’s Investor Day.

Alexa users won’t have to wait for a full roll-out like those on iOS—Starbucks voice ordering is available now for all—however, the features are much more limited. Customers can say “Alexa, order my Starbucks”, and the platform will automatically place their “usual order” from their favorite location. Alexa-based voice ordering cannot stray from this “usual order”, though, by adding or removing items. It’s similar to what Domino’s Pizza has done in the past with “favorite orders” via Twitter & text messaging, and a setup that Pizza Hut has on Alexa now.

The voice ordering function on iOS will be rolled-out to all users in the US “by the Summer”, according to Starbucks. Android users unfortunately have a much more vague timeline to work with, as the company just states the availability is “coming”.

Starbucks’ mobile app accounts for just under 30% of all sales; however, only around 7% of these are mobile order & pay.