Switching to Android is Tempting, But Can I Really Ditch iOS?

I have owned, and been fairly enthusiastic, about Apple’s iPhone since 2009. While I have mostly used PCs in my personal & professional ventures, this has mostly been a matter of price over preference (or, corporate mandate), as I generally find Macs to be more reliable & functionally-sound than their Windows counterparts.

Along those lines, I have been anticipating the release of the iPhone 6 for some time– the rumored larger size screen, the updates to iOS 8; all of it. Frankly, my iPhone 5 still works just fine, and I could probably get good use out of it for another year or so, but, lately, I have found myself to be a bit disappointed when comparing my iOS device to those Samsung smartphones that some friends (and, now, family) have been touting for some time.

But switching to Android? That’s never really, seriously crossed my mind. 

Until, just recently.

I hesitate to admit this publicly, but I am in awe of the multimedia capabilities of phones like the Galaxy 5. Video playback is much smoother, and obviously more vibrant, on the “phablet” when compared to my iPhone. Taking pictures, which max out at 3200 pixels on Apple’s device, come out, incredibly, more akin to mid-range digital camera quality with the Samsung.

Video and camera-phone envy aren’t nearly the only benefits of the Galaxy. The Swype keyboard is far more natural than the “peck-and-pray” method of typing on the iPhone– which, might just be a little easier without these stump-like chubby digits I call fingers. Since answering email & texts, crafting Tweets, and the occasional Google or IMDB search are the primary text-based functions I perform on my mobile device, anything that makes the process less of a hassle would be a welcome change.

Additionally, I am inherently tied to Google services as it is. My personal & work email (again, a core mobile requirement of mine) both run through Gmail, and many of my document and data-storage methods are Google Drive-based.

Switching to Android does hold a big disadvantage, though, in my opinion. I’m not a fan, at all, of the lack of consistency between devices and versions of the Android platform (a matter I believe Apple far excels in), which can (and has) lead to security flaws, app incompatibility, etc.

But damn, that screen-size difference though

Then again, Apple is rumored to be releasing a 5.5 inch iPhone 6 later this year (though, unsubstantiated rumors have that model being delayed until 2015), with a Swype-esque keyboard that may make some of my complaints about the phone obsolete. Though, there is still a nagging thought that, especially with the last few iPhone models, Apple has been stuck playing catch up to Samsung and Android. If that’s the case, why not just switch to the leader, instead of annually waiting for the incumbent to follow?

Have any of you recently switched to Android from iPhone (or vice-versa)? I’d love to hear from the experiences of others as I ponder my next big smartphone purchase.